God's handiwork

The world was made in just six days?

Have you ever wanted to hear from God, your own personal message from from him to you? You can. I am not just talking about sitting through a sermon - thats an option - but there is another.  Bible study.  Its not just for the accoplished - its for everyone.  God speaks to us through the bible, and He has a text for you today. Click here to find out more.  


God has given all of us all gifts.  Sometimes in the business of our days we forget how blessed we are. Are you using your gifts and talents to brighten someone's life? If you need somewhere to start or just some other options of service here are some opportunities


Are you going through something, worried, or maybe you are bursting with some good news.  Life is like a tub of ice cream, do it all by yourself and you won't feel to good, but share it with others and you've got the makings of a great expereince. why not share it here.